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To become a child of God, you must be born again. To be born again after natural birth obviously means something went wrong with the first birth.

The prescribed way of coming into this world is through natural birth, by blood through the will of man and the will of the flesh. Jesus said: “unless one is born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God.”

The New Birth is a spiritual operation. Except you are born of the Spirit you cannot be translated from death to life.

That’s why if you’re born only once, which is natural birth, you die twice: namely, physical death and eternal death, which means separation from God forever and ever.

But if you are born twice, that is by natural method and by divine intervention as one born of God, you only die once, physical death, which is in reality a stepping stone to eternal bliss by those born of God.

Furthermore, in these last days that the return of Jesus is drawing nearer and nearer some born again Christians reading this post will not experience physical death at all. They will be supernaturally airlifted in a twinkling of an eye to meet the Lord in the atmospheric heaven and remain with Him forever.

Where one spends eternity is really a matter of choice.

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