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Ungodly Sexual Pleasure

Ungodly Sexual Pleasure

There are many ways Christians have joined the world to pervert sexual intimacy. Masturbation is one of them; it has been described as the act of giving oneself or somebody else sexual pleasure by stroking the genitals, usually to orgasm.

People give excuses for their misconduct but the Bible makes it clear that those who cannot exercise control over their libido should get married. Marriage is still honorable. It is better to follow due process and get married than to look good on the outside while burning on the inside and then resort to fornicating and masturbating as palliatives.

In reality masturbation has far deeper ramifications than producing ephemeral release of libidinal tension. There is a spirit behind every human activity on earth. Sexual intimacy is not an exception. God created sex and the Bible has very strict rules on how to indulge in it. Man has perverted sexual intimacy in many ways.

Masturbation is sexual intimacy with demons. It creates a deposit in the spirit soul and body of the indulger. It is used by the kingdom of darkness to bar from exiting this earth either at the point of death or rapture.

Masturbation generates a mark of Satan. It is spiritual and cannot be seen with human eyes but the effects can be noticed by a careful observer. It is part of satanic property that must be shed by those who aspire to be raptured. “I will no longer talk much with you, for the ruler of this world is coming, and he has nothing in Me. (Jn 14:30)

When a Christian dies or is about to die the kingdom of darkness has the power to scrutinize the person’s spirit, soul and body to determine if the person is harbouring any satanic property. Even our Lord was subjected to the test.

Masturbation produces satanic property. If you indulge in such practice, repent before it is too late to do so. But if you persist in the indulgence then forget about participating in the rapture of the church. Satanic property cannot enter heaven.

Collins Enyeribe #Reinventing the 12 Apostles’ Standards

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