Those who miss the rapture of the church have three options:

#1. Take the Mark of the Beast, enjoy abundant ‘life’ under Antichrist’s satanically orchestrated anguish, oppression and worldwide tribulation and book a one-way ticket to the Lake of Fire. Once you take the Mark of the Beast it is irrevocable.

#2. Avoid taking the Mark by manoeuvring your way to remain alive up to the Battle of Armageddon that will bring the Tribulation Period to an end. Expect to be selected to enter Christ’s millennial reign at the end of which surviving citizens will face a final test to determine eternal destinations. During kingdom rule, a single sin by commission or omission will consign the culprit instantly to hell to await the White Throne Judgment and eventual transfer to the lake of fire. But those that find favour with the Lord Jesus Christ in His kingdom will qualify to receive the fruit of the Tree of Life and live eternally in the new earth God will create after destroying the present earth with fire.

#3. If you receive the Lord Jesus Christ in your heart during the Tribulation Period you must confess him publicly, be arrested by agents of the Antichrist and executed by guillotine or any other means. Martyrdom is the only way to enter heaven after the rapture of the Church.  All those martyred during the Tribulation Period will be raptured on the last day of the Tribulation Period, which is the same day the Marriage Supper will take place to be followed by the glorious appearing of the Lord Jesus Christ with His saints and the holy angels. Raptured martyrs will join the Lord’s return entourage to the earth.

An Excerpt from the book “HEAVEN: Twelve Imperatives For Entry” by Collins Enyeribe

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