Tongues of Fire

What made Adam a son of God was the image of God the Pre-Incarnate Christ breathed into his nostrils in the Garden of Eden.

The image of God in Adam at creation was an excision from God, a Hypostatic Chip, also known as son of God.

When Adam sinned he lost the image of God, the implanted Hypostatic Chip.

No descendant of Adam received the image of God until the Day of Pentecost when the Holy Spirit transmitted God’s image on 120 Disciples of Jesus Christ appearing “Tongues of Fire.”

Tongues of fire in willing human beings determine eligibility for airlift to heaven.

On the day of church rapture the Holy Spirit will return to heaven with all the “tongues of fire” He brought to earth planted or not planted in human vessels.

Every human being on earth has the capacity for being implanted with a tongue of fire.

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