Bible Classification of the Unredeemable

In Revelation 21:8 and Revelation 22:15 we have a list of ten classes of people who are excluded from heaven unless they repent while alive.


Biblically the term ‘dog’ is used to refer to pagans, the heathen, including all unbelievers, prostitutes; those who engage in perverse sex for money. Also, it refers to wicked people who pursue and harass people, false prophets and false teachers, those who deceive others, foolish people who harbour thoughts of wickedness, like those who think that ‘there is no God’ and backsliders; those who were once Christians but stopped believing.

Christians who know they have backslidden but continue to persist in it by enjoying the fruit of iniquity and refusing to repent and seek forgiveness are dogs.  They have been captured by the deceitfulness of sin. That reminds me of a Christian brother regarded by many as a mighty prayer warrior. One of his protégés was a young and beautiful girl who got converted under his ministration. He invited this sister to have sex with her. When the baby Christian protested that the act was sinful, he told her he knew the way out. The brother assured her that after the sexual act, he would pray and seek forgiveness for both of them. The sister felt disappointed at the “prayer warrior’s” request and left him in disgust.

There was this Elder in one of the denominational churches who was angry with his business rival. He told me he had made up his mind to put ‘off’ Christ as you would a garment in order to deal with his rival. After dealing with the man, he would “put on” Christ again. Considering his position in the Christian community, I was shocked at his unashamed declaration. A pastor friend told me the story of a murderer who went from church to church seeking prayer of forgiveness in exchange for ‘excessive’ tithe on the money he acquired through shedding of blood. These are examples of dogs in the House of God.

The Fearful

Fearfulness is the opposite of boldness. It needs boldness to accept the gospel of Christ. Fearful people are cowardly; craven; vile; worthless; miserable; wretched; and unhappy. Their timidly is a bar to the means of grace. King Agrippa was afraid of what his officials would say if he accepted the Christ Paul preached to him. He became nervous and ended the discussion. He also feared losing the services of Bernice his sister and sin partner. Fear is a spirit. The fear of fear is the beginning of failure. Fear brings torment and works with discouragement. The strategy of Satan is to fire his demons into human beings, starting with fear.  Fear leads to depression, oppression, temptation, delusion, obsession and possession. The antidote to fear is love.

The Unbelieving

Those who have no faith in the things of God.

The Abominable

This is related to the worship of idols and meddling with things that are disgusting, loathsome and detestable.  It is a reference to the lewd sex orgies that characterise Baal worship.


Murder is the killing of a human being directly or indirectly. Also unbridled anger, false accusation, persistent disobedience to God and prolonged unforgiveness ultimately translate to murder. Consenting to the sin of murder makes one a murderer as well.


These are sexually immoral people such as male and female prostitutes, lesbians, homosexuals and those who practice bestiality.  All unclean persons and defilers of the marriage bed are candidates of hell.


Sorcery is connected with witchcraft and drug abuse. It is the use of drugs to produce supernatural effects in the lives of others.  A sorcerer is a person who may be a witch, a wizard or a spiritist claiming magical powers. Anyone who attempts to control another person through the use of drugs, enchanted potions, charms and incantations is a candidate of hellfire.


Idolatry is the worship of anything or person other than God. Any person who worships idols, images of deities or divinities however represented is excluded from heaven.

All Liars

Liars are those who hear the gospel of Christ and scoff at it or do not want to hear the Gospel preached to them. Also, those who deny that Jesus has come in the flesh, backslidden believers who are tired of ‘church’ and all who blaspheme the Holy Spirit. All unbelievers and backsliders are liars who have denied the faith. Ultimately, eternal destination is a question of what one believes. All false professors of religion are liars. They preach “another gospel.” It is their doom.

Whoever loves and practices a lie

A lie has no fractional unit; half-truth is a lie. Outright lying is evil. Christians know that an outright lie contravenes the commandment of God. But there is an aspect of lying that is not clear to many people: loving and practicing a lie. Accepting a lie or failure to discern when people are lying is an aspect of loving a lie. There are four kinds of lies.

Evil Reports

Evil reports are deliberate manipulation of incidents, cleverly contrived to achieve a certain course of action, usually detrimental. The purpose of evil reportage is always to goad victims into doing what ought not to be done. They operate like a virus. Those who love to tell lies rather than the truth receive and transmit evil reports that breed discord among brethren.


Wolves in sheep’s clothing enjoy deceiving others: they deceive for personal and social gain. They avoid taking responsibility. To all-knowing God deceit is like a slap on His face as nothing can be hidden from Him.


This is the opposite of integrity. Integrity means to be complete. An exaggerated truth is usually for self-aggrandisement. It is a ploy to make one look good or believable. The serpent in the Garden of Eden spoke with believable vehemence.

Culpable Homicide

This is murder in the second degree. It includes lying on oath to afflict pain or punishment. Any false statement that could lead to death penalty as in Old Testament times is a deadly lie.

Every spoken word will be judged. A lying tongue is an abomination to the Lord. A false witness is one who speaks lies and brings confusion into human relationships. All that tell lies are haters of peace. There is no agape love in them.

Those are the characteristics of unbelievers. A Christian who falls into any of the categories will also end up in the lake of fire. This is the second death reserved for all haters of God and His righteousness. The highway to hell is broad and enticingly inviting. Avoid it.

Excerpted from chapter eight of my book titled:  PASSPORT FOR ENTERING HEAVEN. https://bit.ly/2J9WU8W

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