Doctrine of Giving to God

Under the present dispensation mankind saved or unsaved has absolutely nothing to give to God. God created mankind to expand His family from the unseen to the visible domain. God did not create mankind to supply Him with what He lacked; He is self-sufficient.


God Is Self-Sufficient

In the plan of creation and redemption, mankind has absolutely nothing to give to God. Everything a man has was given to him by God for a purpose. “Every beast of the forest is Mine, and the cattle on a thousand hills” says the owner of the universe. God requires stewardship not gifts to attract…



TRINITARIAN PRECEDENCE The Bible is that part of the Lamb’s Book of Life that has been revealed to Mankind. It is about the role and division of duty by the Godhead. The LORD is one but in functionality God performs as Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Two major areas of functionality are creation and redemption….