Books of Record in Heaven

God has a record of all the things that are going on in the earth. Names and activities good or bad are recorded in books in the heavens. There are three different places names and activities of human beings are written and kept in heaven. They consist of things done in obedience to the will…


Books in Heaven

There are books of record in heaven; they are in different places and used to record names and activities. Every human being on earth has a ledger account in heaven where individual earthly transactions are recorded. Books in heaven are used to record names and daily activities of earthly beings.

Focus On Rapture


ACCESSING THE GATES OF HEAVEN God does not prevent anyone from getting to the gates of heaven. Satan does. Of the three gates to heaven, Satan is in charge of the first. Unless one crosses the first gate one cannot approach the second gate. Before anyone leaves the earth Satan has the right to scrutinize…

Insight & Foresight


The most enduring attribute God gave to mankind is freewill. You can make your decisions with or without God. Ultimately, you are responsible for choices and those you allowed others to make on your behalf. There is no short cut to heaven. You may not like the Bible now but it will be used to…