Marriage is a blood covenant designed by God to bond one man and one woman in a marital relationship for life.

First time sexual intimacy is a blood covenant that affects spirit, soul and body positively or negatively. In a marriage joined by God conjugal sex has positive impact. The opposite is the case if marriage is not joined by God. Marriage not joined by God can lead to disaster.

Domestic violence is mostly the result of sex-related evil covenants. The foundation of household wickedness in ungodly and mismatched marriages stems largely from the ‘voice’ of blood covenants.

Blood has a voice and when evil blood covenant is in place marital harmony is impaired, usually leading to sex withdrawal. A sexless marriage is a ministry of death, which affects spirit, soul and body in different ways. That is why the bible says it is better not to marry than starve a marriage partner of sex.

Sexual intimacy is a blood covenant because it involves the exchange of blood. It could be good; it could be evil. Life is in the blood. God is the giver of life; therefore, every covenant involves God as a participant.

Sexual intimacy that contravenes the express commandment of God is an evil covenant.

An excerpt from THREE WAYS SEX ALTERS HUMAN ANATOMY: For The Better Or For The Worse. https://bit.ly/2WTkyff

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