1. Everything that is done in governance good or evil is a seed that must grow, bear fruit and be harvested either by that generation or succeeding generations or both up to the fourth generation.

  2. Some people will miss heaven not because of gross sins like stealing that can be recognized, confessed and restituted but because of their failure to love the brethren. You cannot love God if you do not love your neighbour and you cannot love your neighbour if you do not love yourself. This is not self-love but a freewill acceptance of the heavenly gift – John 3:16.

  3. Hatred or the absence of the God-kind of love is an idol of the heart. There is no way a carrier of an idol can enter heaven with the idol. Therefore, get rid of the sin that so easily ensnares to perdition.

  4. If you are a minister of the Gospel of Christ and you are comfortable with what is going on around you, you are likely to have a problem with the Lord. The world is lying in darkness and it is growing darker and darker. Light and darkness do not mingle. Light dispels darkness. If light is unaware of darkness surrounding it, it means it has been overcome by darkness.

  5. The grace of God that has appeared to all will take you to heaven; your works and labour of love in the Vineyard of the Lord here on earth will position you in the millennial kingdom of God.

  6. The tragedy of the human situation is that all born into the world were reckoned to have died spiritually, physically and eternally the day Adam sinned against God. The Plan of redemption is the noblest and most sublime divine intervention in human history.

  1. There is a gravitational force engineered by the kingdom of darkness to pull everyone on the surface of the earth into hellfire. The earth helps those who call on the name of the Lord to stand firm on it and move upwards rather than slip down to the deep.
  1. There is decline everywhere and the values that make for stable society are deteriorating at such a rate that the world will self-destruct without divine intervention. There will surely be an end: to think that the ways of the world and the systems that sustain them will continue without divine visitation is self-delusion.
  1. In some quarters in the world today, your level of spirituality is assessed by and equated to how materially well-off you are. This world-view of prosperity has no place in the kingdom of God.
  1. For many people in the church today, Christianity has become ‘churchianity’ a doctrine and another way of life that has become a vehicle for self-actualisation in the values of the world.

  2. What you love and delight in doing in time is what you will be obliged to continue to do with absolute love or hatred in eternity.

  3. What a church-going unbeliever needs to begin the journey to heaven is genuine repentance and acceptance of all the conditions attached thereto. What a believer needs to move from babyhood to rapture-readiness is growth in grace.

  4. The principle of the world is to pursue and acquire wealth by any means, increase it by depleting what others have and hoard it, that is, give out little or nothing from it. The principle of the kingdom of God is not to pursue wealth but to seek first God’s kingdom and expect the provision of material resources through legitimate means. Use resources so acquired for kingdom business by sowing all after due allowance for self and family.

  5. Everyone born into this world has the freewill option of spending eternity future in one of three locations:: New Jerusalem, new earth or the lake of fire. Except for children under the age of responsibility and consequently unaccountable for their action, no one can enter New Jerusalem except through repentance and by the grace of Jesus Christ.

  6. Apostle Paul told Pastor Timothy to “preach the word in season and out of season …” If today’s preachers will talk less about tithe and offering and talk more about Christ’s mandate and doctrine more material wealth will accrue to the church and more Christians will begin to worship God in spirit and in truth.

  7. Divine revelation has the capacity to revolutionise human systems, material situations and governmental methodologies. Do not neglect it.

  8. People spend enormous resources to build mansions where they will spend 120 years or less without giving a thought to where they will spend eternity. The reason is largely because of ignorance that man has eternal existence and must go to either a place of rest or a place of torment after this life.

  9. Gradualism is the most effective weapon used by Satan to derail heaven-bound pilgrims. It masks as a besetting sin that cannot be helped. It is achieved through ignorance and repetition.  Gradualism is the principle of one step at a time.  The first step may be imperceptible.  Diligent application of pressure leads to the second step.  Many people have committed avoidable sins due to peer pressure.  Heinous infractions of God’s law sometimes take a long time to mature.

  10. Ignorance is a terrible disease. Knowledge is power.  It is not easy to put an educated man under bondage. 

  11. Repetition is the principle that it is easier to repeat a sinful act than get involved in it the first time. A Christian does not have the habit of committing sin, but once he falls into it, and does nothing quickly to achieve restoration he can easily fall into the same sin again and again.  The spirit of repetition will then begin to harden the heart over that particular sin until it becomes customary to act or think that way.

  12. People of prayer are usually people of power.

  13. Every sin committed amounts to shedding of blood. It takes blood to cover or remit sins. In Old Testament times the blood of animals covered sin. Under the New Covenant of Grace the blood of Jesus remits sin.

  14. There is nothing that a person has that was not given to him or her for a purpose. Failure to ascertain the purpose of anything can lead to its abuse. To abuse a good thing is to court destruction. God is not a ‘waster’ of good things.

  15. Pastors who collect tithes and offerings from sinners are partakers of the specific sins committed in generating the income by such ‘generous’ unbelieving givers.

  16. In the final analysis, things do not matter; only Jesus matters. The final word encompasses His mandate, mission and message to mankind. The business of Satan is to steal, kill and destroy creation; the business of a Christian believer is to follow Jesus and live the abundant and fruitful life He brought to earth until recalled.

  17. God never blesses a person to be rich for self: He blesses a rich person to be a blessing to others.

  18. Hypostatic Chip contains the word of God. The word of God is Jesus. Like the manna of old it must be fetched from the fields and brought to the house or mind to transform it and empower it to control the body by putting it under. That is by cross-examining the loquacious demands of the flesh, selecting those needed to keep the body healthy and rejecting the rest. When the mind is aligned to the will the body is put under its control and there is life in the spirit, soul and outerman.

  19. The level of free-will giving in any church is a function of the level of growth resulting from sound doctrinal teaching in that church.

  20. Christianity is shifting a person’s thought-life from what it is to what God wants it to be. Thought-life is influenced by Satan, sin and the world with its corruption of everything in it.  Failure to have the mind of Christ can disqualify or be a limiting factor from kingdom life. Christianity is not a religion but a way of living the Christ-life.

  21. The bulk of First Resurrection saints will be tribulation martyrs. Those to be raptured as the ‘Church’ will be few in number, considerably lower than tribulation martyrs. OT saints to be raptured with the Church are much fewer; in number very insignificant but most of them will have important roles to play in the millennium, e.g. Moses and Elijah, the two smoking flasks.

  22. Marriage to a human spouse is optional; espousal to Christ is compulsory to see life. In other words, marriage to Christ is the only way to have eternal life because eternal life is resident in Him. Failure to get betrothed to Christ at the point of physical death means the marriage to Satan that took place in hell will continue to exist there everlastingly.

  23. Jesus is the Word who became flesh and dwelt among us. To have the mind of Christ is to explore the potentials of the Hypostatic Chip divinely programmed before the foundation of the world to transform willing mankind to be like Christ.

  24. The promise of the Old Testament is to bless according to the Abrahamic covenant. The reality of the New Covenant is that God has blessed His people with All spiritual blessings in heavenly places.

  25. The promise of the Old Testament is to “open for you the windows of heaven and pour out for you such blessing that there will not be room enough to receive it.” The assurance of the New Covenant is that God has opened a door for the people to enter unto His rest. “I have set before you an open door, and no one can shut it ….and keep you from the hour of trial which shall come upon the whole world.”

  26. Jesus said “Go ye” where sinners are, preach the gospel of the grace of God and for those who believe, make them disciples to disciple others. The Laodicean Church says “come ye” to our programmes, conventions, conferences, thanksgiving and other church services and receive salvation, healing, deliverance, success, elevation and power. There is no substitute for doing the work of an evangelist.

  27. Human marriage whether human-human or human-spirit operate like a marriage. At any point in time every human being is married to either Satan or potentially to Jesus. When Adam fell and lost the capacity to fulfil Gen 1:27, God did not stop procreation because all that come into this world are deemed to have been created simultaneously with Adam.