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RWF is a Holy Spirit-sponsored gathering of born again and Spirit-filled Christians zealously desirous of participating in the rapture of the church of Jesus Christ. It is a fellowship with Distinctive Standards and cell meetings designed to inculcate in members the doctrine of Christ, Apostles’ fellowship modalities and the four-pronged requirement for eligibility to achieve expected end by participating in the evacuation of the church to heaven in grand style. The Lord’s command to His followers is to be Watchful, Ready, Faithful and Fruitful to the end.

RWF is also the pre-rapture vehicle designed to equip saints with the wherewithal to fulfill destiny and become eligible to earn Jesus’ special reward at the Judgment Seat in the hope of being chosen to be part of the bride and wife of Christ. The final word for saints is inclusion in the Priesthood by the Lord Jesus Christ who will establish the literal kingdom of God on earth at His second coming and rule it with a rod of iron for one thousand years with His wife.

RWF is online. You are welcome to join the gathering unto God of those expecting and expediting the return of the Lord.

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