Rapture of the church
Focus On Rapture


Rapture-ready watchers who are daily anticipating Christ’s Second Advent live a lifestyle of sober reflection. They are different from the bandwagon. They have unique characteristics: 

  • Their orientation on life and living is focused on desire for the return of Jesus. 

  • They are more heaven-conscious than those who are living according to the dictates of the world system. 

  • They are like brides preparing for their wedding. 

  • They are desirous of meeting the Lord just as a bride and groom are desirous of, and expectant of, their wedding day and the accompanying ceremonies. 

  • Their evangelistic fervour reflects the way they zealously distribute their ‘wedding invitation’ witnessing to the lost and strengthening the weak in Christ. 

  • They see the world of men the way God sees it, corrupt, full of wickedness and ready for judgment and distance themselves from worldly pursuits. 

  • Their attitude to money and wealth accumulation is guided by building eternal heritage in heaven. 

  • Like the original apostles and those who followed them, they are daily expecting the return of the Lord. 

  • They have the capacity to experience ‘birthpangs’ signalling the approaching sound of the trumpet for the rapture of the church. 

  • Their earnest desire is to participate in the rapture as living saints. 

Rapture-ready watchers are reward-driven. Jesus said: “See, I am coming soon, and my reward is with me, to repay all according to their deeds” (Rev 22:12 NLT).






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