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Rapture is the only way to enter heaven in a glorified state during the dispensation of grace. The dispensation of grace is also the dispensation of the church and of the Holy Spirit.

There are five raptures in the Scriptures. One is past and the remaining four will take place during the Tribulation Period of seven years.

 The sequence is the rapture of the church. It will be followed about three and one-half years later by the rapture alive of 144 Jewish Evangelists.

 Two days to the Battle of Armageddon Moses and Elijah, the Two Special Witnesses, will be raised from the dead and raptured. Then on the last day of this era will be the rapture of tribulation martyrs, a great multitude who will be glorified in time to join as guests at the Marriage Supper of the Lamb.

 The Marriage Supper and Battle of Armageddon will take place the same day. The festivities in heaven will dovetail into the destruction of the armies of the world on earth. Jesus, glorified saints and holy angels will descend to earth from the venue of the Marriage Supper.

 The fall of a third of the angelic host mostly worshippers has necessitated their replacement. There can be no vacuum in heaven. That is why raptured saints have two natures: mankind and holy angels.

 Although mankind was not originally created to live in heaven, raptured saints have been made a replacement for fallen angels. They will also fulfill the role of worshippers of God in heaven even when their main duty post is earth.

 Glorified saints will live in heaven and work on earth during the millennial reign of Christ.

 To be continued

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