Rapture Watchers Fellowship (RWF) is an online gathering unto the Lord of the Bride of Christ. It is a fellowship with Distinctive Standards that articulate in practical ways how to be prepared for the evacuation of the church to heaven, and not be left behind. It is also the vehicle for attaining seamless Hypostatic Union resulting in destiny fulfillment in order to earn Jesus’ special award at the Judgment Seat of Christ after the rapture of the church.

The purpose of Rapture Watchers Fellowship is to develop and nurture an eschatological Community and Fellowship of RAPTURE WATCHERS in the similitude of the Issachar Brethren who knew the times and what Israel ought to do and the early church believers who imbibed the ‘APOSTLES’ DOCTRINE AND FELLOWSHIP’ (Acts 2:42) and continued steadfastly therein. Members of the Fellowship strive with diligence to have the mind of Christ that knows what believers should be doing in this end-time period in order to activate in the Church the revival that will usher the return to earth of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Although doctrinal impartation is online there are aspects of the Mandate that cannot be carried out without meeting in cells to articulate our Distinctive Standards.

We need partners endowed with the gift of government and administration to assist in bringing members together in their various localities, arrange for meeting venues and supervise fellowship meetings. If you are led of the Holy Spirit to participate in this rewarding assignment please get in touch with us for further details.
Tel: +234 814 650 5012