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A mark is a symbol of ownership. Everybody has a mark: the mark of the Lord Jesus Christ or the mark of Satan. The mark of Christ is spiritual but will become physical after church rapture. During the Great Tribulation period, the beast and false prophet will introduce a physical identification mark for those that belong to Satan.

The credit card is the forerunner of the Beast’s numbering system. A cashless society obviates the problems associated with conducting business transactions in cash. With cash in your pocket your freedom of conduct is guaranteed. Not so with the credit card system.

Microchip technology is gradually replacing cash as a medium of transaction. The size of thumbnail, microchips are loaded with data such as personal identification number (PIN), banking history, other vital links, and stored in a plastic card, popularly known as smartcard. With smartcards business transactions can be carried out anytime and anywhere in the world electronically.

The advantages for introducing smartcards are real. Their use has made e-banking popular around the world today.

The mark is a numbering system that will operate at two stages. The first stage is a credit card system. The second stage is the implantable microchip. The transition from card to microchip would be necessitated by the disadvantages of the credit card system:

1. You can forget to carry the card along with you.
2. The card can be stolen by someone who knows the PIN.
3. When robbed against another card, the information can be wiped off.
4. The card can be damaged and made unreadable by the machine.
5. You can forget your PIN.
6. The card can be lost, for example, through a fire outbreak.
7. The number on the card can be manipulated by fraudsters to transfer funds illegally.

To obviate these problems, the plastic portion of the card will be discarded and a human implantable biochip introduced as a substitute.

The implantable chip has been produced commercially and used experimentally by animal farmers to identify and monitor the health of their flocks. The ultimate plan is to use bio-chips on humans.

“He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hand or on their foreheads, and that no one may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name of the beast, or the number of his name. Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man: His number is six hundred and sixty-six.” (Rev 13:16-18 NKJV)

The mark of the Beast is designed to curtail the liberty of individuals through a centralized system of identification and control. Once implanted:

1. Your identification is known and can be called up on the computer anytime no matter where you are on planet earth.
2. Your location is known.
3. Your movements can be traced and recorded.
4. Your preferences such as buying habits and attitudinal behavior towards One World Government will be known.
5. The weakening of the time-battery and emission of acid from the chip unto the body will cause cancer of the skin.
6. You will lose all human rights and can be murdered through remote control by activating the poison in the chip to destroy your immune system.

The technology for introducing the mark of the Beast is ready for use. Consequently, be careful what you allow to be inserted in your body. Note that:

COVID-19 vaccine is not the mark of the Beast.
G5 network is not the mark of the Beast.
RFID is not the mark of the Beast.

However, these technological developments and pestilences are designed to facilitate the implementation of the mark of the Beast. It will be introduced as a desirable solution to one of the aftermaths of the rapture of the church – scarcity of goods and services worldwide. The lockdown will be worse than what has taken place so far with corona virus.

As an instrument of population monitoring and control, the mark of the Beast is exactly opposite the mark of Christ, which will become visible after the rapture of the church.

The prophesied Russian invasion of Israel with her allies will pave the way for the Beast and his forces to enter Israel in the pretext of defending the Jewish nation in line with the post-rapture peace treaty between Israel and her Arab neighbors. After desecrating the rebuilt Temple with an abominable image the Antichrist will give his name to the image and compel Jews to worship the image in place of Jehovah.

The mark of Christ is a Hypostatic Chip, implanted at the point of regeneration. Christians who participate in the rapture of the church will receive an oval-shaped white stone with four names written on both sides.

Side A:
1. New name of recipient
Side B:
2. Name of Christ
3. Name of eternal abode: New Jerusalem
4. Name of God

In contrast, the mark of the Beast is a chip with 6-6-6 numbering system.

The first six digits is a birthday code. Everybody has a birthday and the code captures the date with six digits like this DD-MM-YY (Day, Month & Year.)

The second six digit system captures every individual’s location. The whole earth has been assigned ‘blocks’ in a reducing scale to show a street address.

The third set of six digits is a computer-generated identification number similar to National ID codes and BVN.

When you combine the three sixes everybody can easily be tracked and controlled through a server.

The mark of Christ will not be visible to the eye until after church rapture while the mark of the Beast must become visible on earth before physical death of all unbelievers. Once taken on the right hand or forehead, the mark of the Beast permanently excludes the implantation of the mark of Christ.

If you are a Christian, do not take COVID-19 vaccine; do not take RFID. They are precursors designed to facilitate the implementation of the mark of the Beast with little or no objection.

Do not take the mark of the Beast.

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