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Important Facts About Rapture

Important Facts about Rapture

The only means of entering heaven in a glorified unchangeable state is rapture. Translation is not rapture.

Rapture is the supernatural airlift of transformed dead and living persons from the earth to the heavens. In translation a living person with flesh and blood is taken to a prepared place in heaven for a season. In rapture, dead and living saints with flesh and bones are airlifted to heaven in a perfect unchangeable state like it happened to Jesus.

“Now when He had spoken these things, while they watched, He was taken up, and a cloud received Him out of their sight.” (Acts 1:9)

Of the five raptures mentioned in the Bible one involving the Lord Jesus Christ took place about two thousand years ago, 53 days to the Day of Pentecost when the church was inaugurated by God the Holy Spirit.

Of the four remaining raptures two are pinned to specific people of Jewish origin. The remaining two are for those who are dead or alive in Christ as well as martyrs of the great tribulation period. All the raptures will take place within the last seven years of the dispensation of grace, which corresponds with the heptad of the Jewish Calendar.

Everyone who comes into this world, regardless of the circumstance of birth has the opportunity of participating in the rapture of dead and living saints. So the, the only reason for non-Christians of New Covenant era to miss the rapture is failure to be born again, caused principally by unbelief, which is neglect or refusal to accept the substitutionary work of Christ who shed His blood on the Cross for human redemption.

For those who are born again, the main reason for non-inclusion in the rapture of dead and living Christians is filthiness of the spirit, soul and body. Filthiness has expression in two main areas: sinning against the body and divine curse.

Sexual immorality appertains not only to overt sins of fornication and adultery, but to the covert sin of marriage not joined by God. Divine curses arise from known and hidden covenants of death such as the weird practice of giving things to God otherwise known as Levitical tithing.

Those who miss the rapture of the Ekklesia can still make it to heaven in a glorified unchangeable state through great tribulation martyrdom.

Once the church is lifted up to heaven during the rapture of dead and living saints, it ceases to be known as the church on earth. In heaven, it will metamorphose into a hierarchy of raptured saints in different categories.

There will be no Christians on earth after the rapture of dead and living saints. The idea of some Christians being left behind after the rapture is a wrong doctrine, it has no basis whatever in the Scriptures. The church age will come to an end leaving seven years of great tribulation judgment to the end of the dispensation of grace.

To participate in the rapture of the Ekklesia and attain expected end in heaven a born again Christian:

  • Must qualify to achieve a union between the implanted image of God otherwise known as Hypostatic Chip and his or her inward personality.
  • Must be fully convinced that Jesus is coming back to the earth as the judge of the world, that the rapture of the Ekklesia is imminent and be in daily expectation of the airlift of qualified Ekklesia to heaven
  • A living born again Christian must be watchful, ready, faithful, and fruitful in order to abide in Christ Jesus to the end and fulfil his or her destiny as embedded in the implanted Hypostatic Chip.

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