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First-time Sex is Marriage

Sex is not just a physical exercise done for pleasure only; it is a spiritual communion. God designed sexual intimacy to bond one man and one woman to become one flesh in a marriage joined by Him. First-time sex alters human anatomy for the better or for the worse.

Any person who has slept with a member of the opposite sex except in the context of a marriage joined by God has a distorted anatomy. The person is carrying satanic property that can prevent from inheriting the kingdom of God.

Coition is a covenant cut with blood and remitted when done in an ungodly manner by shedding of blood.

“THREE WAYS SEX ALTERS HUMAN ANATOMY For The Better Or For The Worse” is an Ebook that explains the spiritual transaction that takes place whenever sex is indulged in for the first time.

For marriages not joined by God, this book shows how the blood of Jesus can break the power of death for those who call on the name of the Lord for help.

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