Mankind has three eternal destinations: New Jerusalem, new earth, and lake of fire. The vast majority of earth’s inhabitants will end up in the lake of fire by choice or lack of it. Ignorance is a destroyer. Entry into heaven is not by chance. You cannot do in heaven what you are not accustomed to doing on earth. Heaven is not a school but has hierarchy.

The posterity of the first Adam came from “hell beneath” and must return there except for those translated from death to life through the new birth. The Mandate of Jesus has two comings, with three assignments spanning three human dispensations – Law, Grace and Kingdom. The three assignments have corresponding finishing points.

Believers need transformation as individual members of Christ’s Body. The church must be reformed before it can become the agency for transforming followers of Christ. God’s end-time program is on course. The next event is church rapture; it has eligibility criteria. A man or woman without the gift of eternal life in the form of implanted Hypostatic Chip is a beast programmed for destruction in the lake of fire.

There has never been any time in the past neither will there be any time in the future that God will stop those who want to go into “hell beneath” from doing so. That the vast majority of those born on earth end up in hellfire does not bother God. His concern in all seven human dispensations is the implementation of the Mandate of Jesus, which is to seek and save what God lost.


  • The only thing that can save mankind from self-destruction is the Mandate of Jesus, which is to seek and save what God lost.
  • The only event designed to prevent Christians from passing through the judgments of the seven-year Tribulation is the rapture; it is also the only way for sleeping and living saints to enter heaven with a glorified body.
  • The only way a born again Christian can qualify to participate in the rapture is to prepare for it in this life by being demon-free, watchful, ready, faithful, fruitful and be in daily expectation of Christ’s second coming: rapture is judgment for Christians.
  • The Bible-based method for a Christian to be rapture-ready and eligible to occupy preordained position in heaven is to be fully focused on the content of his or her implanted Hypostatic Chip, which is divine destiny.
  • The most effective way of obeying the Lord’s divine duty command in these last days of the Fig Tree generation is to be impacted by the eschatological community that knows the times and seasons and what believers ought to be doing as the coming of the Lord draws near.

RAPTURE WATCHERS FELLOWSHIP is a Holy Spirit-sponsored foretaste of our soon gathering onto the Lord in the air. It is a fellowship with Distinctive Standards that articulate in practical ways how to be prepared for the evacuation of the church to heaven. It is also the pre-rapture vehicle designed to equip saints with the wherewithal to fulfill destiny and become eligible to earn Jesus’ special reward at the Judgment Seat of Christ.

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