For the past thirty years I’ve been studying the doctrine of the end-time with particular reference to eligibility criteria for participation in the rapture of the church. When it comes to the timing of the rapture the militant church is not on the same page. Hence, there are pre-tribulation, mid-tribulation and post-tribulation adherents.  What is not in dispute is that the rapture will occur during the Tribulation Period, which is the last seven years of the dispensation of grace.

There are two main reasons for being left out of the supernatural evacuation of the Body of Christ to the atmospheric heaven to meet the Head of the Church, the Lord Jesus Christ.

#1. Number one reason is lack of regeneration. There are many unsaved people in the church. Most of them are ‘convicted unbelievers.’ They have become immune to the gospel message. They have heard it many times and have interacted with believers for so long a period of time to consider themselves meritorious to be called Christian.

#2. For born again Christians the main reason for missing the rapture is defilement. There are two types of defilement. Overt sins that the believers were aware of or became aware of after the act mostly because of ignorance fertilized with wrong doctrine.  The second are covert transactional sins characterized by hidden evil covenants.

Before Jesus went to the Cross Satan scrutinized Him for his property and found none. Every believer at the point of sleep or rapture must be scrutinized by Satan and his cohorts for anything that belongs to them. Covenants of death are transactions that invite demons into a life.

There are many ways an evil covenant can be entered into unawares but the commonest phenomena are in the area of marital relationship. For example sexual intimacy is a covenant of marriage. When indulged in without due process it can generate up to ten other sins that the participants are unaware of.

Doctrinal errors, misinterpretation of scriptures and sexual sins are the root cause of iniquities in the spirit, soul and body of transgressors. Weird behavioral tendencies masquerading as church doctrines must be done away with to avoid being cast into a sickbed with the world. “Indeed I will cast her into a sickbed, and those who commit adultery with her into great tribulation, unless they repent of their deeds.” The emphasis here is unfaithfulness, which is spiritual adultery.

The books I’ve written on the subject-matter include:

  • Jesus Is Coming Soon: How To Prepare
  • Rapture Of The Church: Are You Eligible?
  • Passport For Entering Heaven
  • Eternal Life Is Jesus Christ
  • Are You Ready For Rapture?

Excerpts from the books will be uploaded from time to time.

The versions of the books in ebook format are downloadable from www.smashwords.com

The books are also available in paperback format at Amazon’s CreateSpace.com.

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