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Brethren in Christ, greetings.

The greatest need of the Ekklesia at this point in time is a return to the twelve “apostles’ doctrine and fellowship” model.

In taking the gospel to the world of their time, the original apostles enlisted their contemporaries in the assignment of “making disciples of all the nations.”

Overseers of what eventually became known as house churches were required to teach the new converts the rudiments of the doctrine of Christ. They were itinerant moving from existing house churches to new ones in order to establish new converts in their roles in the church and strengthen the church as a whole to continue in the grace of God.

In this end time period, many born again Christians are being frustrated out of the church-system operating all over the world without the avenue to assemble with other brethren. This is not good. God did not design the Ekklesia to function that way.

Consequently, it has become imperative to reinvent the apostles’ standards. The first step in this direction is to have a corps of coordinators who will function in their local areas.

Cell fellowships are not designed to be in competition with, or as additions to, the denominational church-system. Rather, they are completely different in form and mode of conduct.

The concept is for cell fellowships to function as it used to be in the beginning as house churches: it is a reinvention of the twelve apostles’ doctrine and fellowship standards (Acts 2:42).

For mature Christians with the burden to coordinate cell fellowships in furtherance of the Great Commission, the time to act is now.

If you have a burden for revival in this end-time period and would like to be part of this movement, contact us by email or WhatsApp messaging.

Email: focusrapture@gmail.com

WhatsApp: +234 809 051 6603

May the grace, mercy and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be multiplied to you as you ponder over this matter.

Collins Enyeribe

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