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Bride and Wife of Christ

Anyone who aspires to be the Bride and Wife of Christ must be born three times.

The first birth is physical – by blood, the will of the flesh and the will of man. That’s the story of all of us.

The second birth is spiritual by grace; an unmerited favour.

The third birth is also spiritual, by the transforming power of the Holy Spirit. It’s attained by being full of, living in, and walking with the Holy Spirit till the end.

The only means of entering heaven in a perfect state is through the rapture. Of the four remaining raptures, two are person-specific and appertains to the Jews. The other two are the rapture of Christians and the rapture of tribulation martyrs.

A born again Christian can be disqualified from participating in church rapture for failure to meet the set standard.

A raptured saint can miss being included in the Bride/Wife of Christ for lack of adequate preparation. To be a wife you must have been chosen as a Bride at the Judgment Seat of Christ.

Hence, every heaven-bound believer is expected to work out his or her own salvation with fear and trembling.

As a born again Christian, it is your responsibility to cleanse yourself from every form of filthiness in order to attain the level of holiness required to qualify to participate not only in the rapture of the called-out ones but also to be selected as a bride of Christ.


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